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various types of seating is included in all Robert’s Trim Trail designs

As a parent (with 5 children) and as a regular attendee at Schools and Adventure Playgrounds throughout the UK and Europe, Robert is only too well aware of the lack of foresight by Architects and Designers, who regularly overlook seating in Trim Trail areas. Robert’s attitude is that Teachers, Carers, parents and relatives are just as liable to require seating and shelter, as are the children

Robert's innovative solutions for trim trail seating is best demonstrated in his videos.


Seats and shelters include

  • Low Bench seats: these low timber seats are generally constructed around the perimeters of the Trim Trail area; on average they vary in length from 5 feet(1.50 metres) up to 60 feet(18.00 metres).
  • Park benches: these are extremely robust seats, with arms and backs and are constructed on site, to last a lifetime; their normal length is between 5 feet (1.50metres) and 8 feet (2.40metres).
  • Tree seats: these can be a full timber seat to surround a tree or a half seat.
  • Rope hammocks: these are attached at either end to timber uprights or to existing large trees.
  • Brick and Stone seats: these are free standing seating positions and are built from reclaimed house bricks and Natural Stone pavings.
  • Railway sleeper seats: these are low seats, 8 feet (2.40 metres) long and are constructed from new(pressure treated) timber.
  • Lean To Rustic Shelters: these can be any length and generally are positioned against a fence or a wall.
  • Double sided Rustic Shelters: these are generally 6 feet (1.80 metres) long and contain double sided bench seats under a pitched timber roof.
  • Sitting Arbours: these are beautiful traditionally made Arbours and are normally 5 feet (1.50metres) wide and 3 feet (0.90 metres) deep; they are positioned against a fence or a wall and are ideal places to sit and relax.

Timber Pavillions

These Pavilions vary in diameter from 6 feet (1.80 metres) up to 16 feet(4.80 metres).

They have cedar shingle roof tiles, are 8 sided, have open balustrade sides, timber decking floors and low internal bench seats.

Generally, Robert surrounds these Pavilions with timber planters containing all year interest Sensory Plants.

Trim Trails

Timber pergolas are another popular feature in Robert's repetoire.

These can be any width or length; they will have low bench seats under with scented evergreen climbers over the timber above.

Sheltering Trees

Iin order to provide natural shelter, to increase variety and to add a sense of Adventure to his Trim Trail areas, Robert always includes a number of semi mature trees. These are generally planted in large timber planters, at random positions throughout the area; low tree seats are attached to the 4 sides of the planters.

Trim Trails

The overhead canopy from the branches of the trees, provides excellent Natural shelter. In order to provide, an all year canopy, Robert tends to use evergreen trees.

His favourites amongst this style of trees are Dicksonia Tree Ferns, Trachycarpus Palm Trees, Dracaena Fragrans Palm Trees, Banana Palms, Olive Trees, Cytisus Battandieri and Cotoneaster Rothschildianus; he also uses tall and bushy Bamboos(again planted in large timber planters).

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