Bromley kent

Rangefield School
Trim Trails for Schools

Quiet garden & Trim Trail- £75,000

This was a totally desolate area of windswept empty asphalt which served no purpose and contributed nothing towards the school’s curriculum, or the daily play and exercise of the children.

The school was desperate to introduce all year interest planting into this area, to be combined with a Natural Trim Trail and a large Natural Quiet Garden.

This project was conducted during Term time and the working area was fenced off from the main Playground; thus children could watch the daily developments. The whole project was completed within 4 weeks.


I was determined that our children should have a Natural Imaginative Trim Trail, coupled with a Natural Quiet Garden. I invited several leading Playground Companies to visit and design but the only person who fully understood my requirements was Robert Sergent-Fairley. His design for our totally bland and years old asphalt playground was absolutely perfect. He had completely encapsulated all my wishes. Our new Trim Trail and Quiet Garden are now finished and are positively unique and stunning. It was a chance of a lifetime to have been introduced to Robert and I have no hesitation to recommend both himself and his amazingly gifted team.

Meghan Pugh Head Teacher Rangefiled School