Primary School London
Trim Trails for Schools

Kingsbury Middx - £80,000

This finished small Trim Trail, clearly shows how a derelict school area, can be transformed into a very useful “green area” with a series of attractive hand made timber activity items.

This particular area also previously possessed a very overgrown large copse. Robert’s team cut back and cleaned this old thicket and have turned this part into a beautiful Quiet Garden; it now contains a bridge and various bench seats, as well as a collection of large Jurassic sandstone rocks, interspersed by tall established bamboos.

In order to increase a Natural environment to this area, a large number of evergreen shrubs have been planted throughout, some in ground and some in large timber planters.

To further enhance the feeling for the children of Adventure and Imaginative Play, many established Bamboos, Palm Trees and semi exotic plants have been planted.

When sitting on one of the many timber bench seats which surround this Trim Trail, it is hard to imagine that this little Green Activity Oasis is actually in the centre of a major city.

For many years, we had a large empty and barren space of ground; it had always been one of my ideals, to turn it into an Activity area but to include as much natural vegetation as possible. I had all but given up hope of my dream ever being fulfilled, when our Site Director advised that he had been recommended to Robert’s company, which specialised in Natural Play with an emphasis on planting. From the minute Robert arrived, I knew my dreams would be answered.

School Head, Melissa Loosemore