Innovative, Creative design concepts keeping kids fit for life

Robert Sergent-Fairley is one of England’s most experiencedLondon Landscape Designers in the Design and Construction of Children’s Activity Playgrounds and fitness trim trails

Robert’s highly popular team of Professional Craftsmen have won many awards for their Outstanding Childrens Activity Playgrounds which they have filled with their exquisitely hand crafted Childrens Activity Games.

Robert's vast range of innovative and creative activity equipment for school trim trails is best shown in his videos.

Cutting Edge


List of Equipment

  • Burma Bridge
  • Burma Beam Bridge
  • Burma Net Bridge
  • Wobbly Bridge
  • Zig Zag Balance Weaver
  • Stilts Weaver
  • Sit up bars
  • Knotted climbing ropes
  • Parallel Ropes Walk
  • Drop ropes traverse crossing
  • Web arch ropes crossing
  • Cross over ropes
  • Raised platform horizontal cargo net
  • Vertical climbing cargo net
  • Parallel gym bars
  • Monkey Bars
  • Pull up bars(at varying heights)
  • Somersault bars(at varying heights)
  • Up and over wood block climbing walls
  • Up and over alternate climbing bars
  • Up and over climbing cargo nets
  • Wobbling timbers chain crossing
  • Low balancing beams
  • Sensory plants
  • Exciting plants (eg. Palm Trees , Exotic plants , Bamboos etc. )
  • British Wildflowers
  • Tunnels
  • Bridges
  • Playhouses 
  • Platforms with climbing items
  • Tree Houses  
  • Quiet gardens
  • Secret gardens
  • Seating arbours
  • Octagonal cedar shingle open sided Pavilions
  • Outdoor Learning areas
  • Storage cupboards
  • Wet clothes and wellingtons racks
  • Scooter stores
  • Cycle stores


More Design Features

  • Different “zones” or “rooms” with easy access
  • Seating areas
  • Sheltered seating positions
  • Water features
  • Hand water pumps
  • Musical items
  • Covered sand pits
  • Covered soil pits
  • Mud kitchens
  • Vegetable gardens for fruit , herbs and vegetables
  • Green houses and potting sheds
  • Pathways from different ground surfaces
  • Timber deckings
  • Performance stages
  • Role play areas
  • Story reading positions
  • Pergolas and Arches
  • Mosaics areas
  • Turfed areas
  • Artificial Grass Areas
  • Water gardens
  • Wild Life ponds
  • Bog Gardens
  • Bridges
  • Raised timber walkways
  • Rock gardens
  • Rock features
  • Climbing rocks
  • Scientific gardens
  • Nature gardens
  • Chicken houses
  • Pet areas
  • Wild life gardens
  • Fences from different natural materials
  • Tricycle circuits
  • Friendship seats
  • Raised timber planters
  • All year interest minimum maintenance plants
  • Polycarbonate Lean To Rooves
  • Polycarbonate Free Standing Rooves
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