Fleet Primary School
Trim Trails for Schools

Hampstead London NW3 - £50,000

Fleet Road Primary School, for many years had an empty part grass area adjoining its playground. In the Summers, this was a dusty Asthma trap and in the Winters, it was a mud bath. The Head, Blair Thomson, had always cherished the idea of a very active Natural Trim Trail, in this area, for his children.

He had contacted various Playground Companies but they all offered very standard Modular Trim Trails. Blair did not want a line of impersonal steel and plastic Trim Trail structures but wanted Natural timber items, set apart in a random fashion and surrounded by exciting planting.

He had virtually given up all hope, when a neighbouring Head, recommended Robert’s Trim Trail Company. From the moment, they met, Blair knew he had found the correct person.

Robert listened carefully to his wishes and within a few days, returned with a perfect design of a “Green Trim Trail”.

It is now over 1 year since Robert’s team constructed and planted this Trim Trail; its appearance remains exactly as the day it was finished.

Much to the delight of the school Governors, it has shown no signs whatsoever of “wear and tear” and all the Palm Trees are flourishing and lend a complete “Indiana Jones” touch to this very active Play area.

This random style Trim Trail is exactly as I had envisaged. I am really surprised that Robert is the only designer offering this type of Trim Trail. It is completely the style which we have in New Zealand. in my opinion, this style offers the children far more imaginative play than the straight forward end to end ones. I must also say that Robert’s team are the most hard working craftsmen who have ever worked at my school.

Head Teacher Fleet Primary School